Give a try to updatecli !


Updatecli is a standalone binary available on GitHub with packages for Windows, Linux and OSX.

macOS via Homebrew

Homebrew is the easiest way to install updatecli on macOS. See the Homebrew documentation for installation and usage explanations.

First configure the updatecli third-party repository (called a "tap") with:

brew tap updatecli/updatecli

Then proceed with the actual installation with:

brew install updatecli

To check, later, if a newer version is available, use brew outdated updatecli. Should you then want to upgrade to the latest version, use brew upgrade updatecli.


A docker image is also available on:

Remark: Because of the limits on DockerHub free account, it’s better to use the image.


 docker run -i -t -v "$PWD/updateCli.yaml":/updatecli/updateCli.yaml:ro diff --config /updatecli/updateCli.yaml

 docker run -i -t -v "$PWD/updateCli.yaml":/updatecli/updateCli.yaml:ro apply --config /updatecli/updateCli.yaml

 docker run -i -t help

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